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At St James we firmly believe that the EYFS education is important in its own right and forms the basis for later learning.  We know that children develop quickly in the early years and a child’s experiences between birth and five have a major impact on their future life chances.  


We provide quality education within a safe, secure and stimulating environment which enables children to learn actively in a holistic way, ensuring all areas of learning development are considered equally important and are inter-connected.  


We ensure that children have opportunities to play and talk and develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and concepts in a variety of contexts and that every child is seen as a unique child and is treated as such. 


We have appropriately qualified practitioners that facilitate opportunities for children to function as active learners and to ensure that no child is excluded or disadvantaged and no child gets left behind. 


We develop a partnership with parents/carers, ensuring there is a shared sense of purpose and mutual respect, reflecting a range of values and beliefs and to build on the information given to us by parents and previous childcare providers and any other outside agencies, for example, the health visiting team. 


We consult and inform Key Stage 1 staff to ensure that the children’s period of rapid development is sustained and built upon and that continuity and progression are maintained and that through our teaching and learning we are ensuring the children’s ‘school readiness’ 

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