Special Educational Needs

Bolton LA provides a local offer of services for children with Special Educational Needs.

School Offer

At St James, we understand that if you believe your child may have Special Educational Needs or a disability, you would need to know additional information or may ask questions. The regulations help and we have pointed out some questions that refer to the current regulations.

  • How does the school adapt the curriculum and the school environment to meet the needs of SEND pupils? - Regulation 3d

  • What training and expertise do school staff have? -Regulation 5

  • What is the school approach to SEND? - Regulation 3

  • How does the school identify children with SEND? What is the school SEND policy/offer? - Regulation 2

  • What is the SEND provision throughout the school? Regulation 1 and 3e?

  • How does the school support SEND pupils in transition, especially transition to secondary school? - Regulation 12

  • How does the school monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of SEND provision? - Regulation 3a

  • Where can I find information about Local Authority provisions for SEND children? -  Regulation 11

  • How does the school ensure the inclusion of all pupils with SEND inside and outside the classroom? - Regulation 3f

  • How does equipment and facilities support SEND pupils? - Regulation 6

  • What external services are used by the school to meet the needs of SEND pupils and their families? - Regulation 10

  • How should complaints regarding SEND provision be made and how will they be dealt with? - Regulation 9

  • What can a parent do if they have concerns? - Regulation 7

  • Whom can I contact for further details? - Regulation 4


The answers to these questions can be found in our school policies for SEND or please contact our SENDCo, Miss L Mahmood, or Acting SENDCo, Mrs V Patel.