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Information for Ofsted

School Contact Details

School's address: St James CE Primary School, Hillside Avenue, Farnworth, Bolton. BL4 9QB Telephone: 01204 572587


For queries from parents or members of the public, contact Mrs M Williamson at the school office.

Headteacher: Mrs L Belfield

Chair of Governors: Mr J Waring (

SENDCo: Miss G Thomas (to contact SENDCo, please correspond via the school office). 

Trust Contact Details

Academy Website:

Telephone: 01204 333466

Admission Arrangements

For informations about our admission arrangements, please visit the 'Admissions' page here.

School Uniform

For information about our school uniform, please visit the 'School Uniform' page here.

Ofsted Report

For information about our most recent Ofsted report, please visit the 'Ofsted' page here.

Key Stage 2 Results

For information about our most recent school performance measure, please visit the 'School Performance' page here.

School Opening Hours

During term time, school is open Monday to Friday from 8:45 am until 3:15 pm.

Children can enter school from 8:40 am. School is open for compulsory education for 32 hours and 30 mins. This information is also available on our website homepage.


For information regarding the content of the curriculum for each subject, please visit our 'Curriculum' page here

The school utilises 'Read, Write, Ink' as a phonics scheme.

Remote Learning

School utilises the platform of SeeSaw to deliver any remote education.

Behaviour Policy

The Behaviour Policy & Anti-bullying Policy are available on our 'Policies' page here.

Pupil Premium & Recovery Premium

The Pupil Premium and Recovery Premium Strategy is available on our 'Pupil Premium' page here.

PE & Sport Premium

The PE & Sports Premium Strategy is available on our 'PE & Sports Premium' page here.

Public Sector Equality Duty

For information about how the school complies with the Public Sector Equality Duty, please visit our 'Equality' page here.


For information about the school's SEND information Report, please visit our 'SEND' page here.

Complaints Policy

For copies of our Complaints Policy and our Whistleblowing Policy, please visit our 'Policies' page. Complaints from parents of children with special educational needs can find information in the SEND Information Report.

Annual Reports & Accounts

For information about the following reports, please click the links.

Executive Pay

For information regarding Executive Pay, please visit academy page here.

Trustees Information & Duties

For information about governance arrangements, please see the 'scheme of delegation' page here.

Charging & Remissions Policy

For information about charging and remissions, please see our 'Policy' page.

Values & Ethos

For information about our values and ethos, please see our 'Aims & Ethos' page.

Paper Copies

Paper copies of any information provided on this site can be requested from the school office.

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