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The Equality Act 2010 introduced a Single Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED) that applies to all public bodies including maintained schools. In carrying out their functions, public bodies are required to have regard to:

  • Eliminate discrimination and other conduct prohibited by the act.

  • Advance equality of opportunity between people.

  • Foster good relationships across all characteristics.


To further the general duty the Government also introduced new specific duties which require schools to:

  • Publish information to demonstrate how they are complying with the Public Sector Equality Duty

  • Prepare and publish equality objectives.


The Principal, Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body at St James Church of England Primary School regularly review the progress we are making to meet our equality objectives with regard to different groups (race, gender, disability, gender reassignment, age, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, belief and maternity) under the Equality Act (2010)


St James Equality Objectives

  1. To review current legislation and ensure all policy and practice is compliant and understood by all members of the school team. 

  2. To monitor and track the achievement of pupils by gender, race and SEND and to act on any trends or patterns that emerge, providing additional support for pupils.  ​

  3. To raise levels of attainment and progress in all vulnerable learners and those with multiple barriers to learning.

  4. To promote a range of faiths within our Church of England school so that by March 2022 children, staff and parents will have experienced a range of faith leaders and places of worship.

  5. Ensure all areas of the building and school grounds comply with Government legislation relating to disability (November 2014).

Eliminating Discrimination

  • The school is aware of its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and complies with non-discrimination provisions.

  • Where relevant, our policies include reference to the importance of avoiding discrimination and other prohibited conduct.

  • Staff and governors are regularly reminded of their responsibilities under the Equality Act, for example during meetings.

  • As part of their induction, the Equality Policy is shared with new members of staff.

  • The Principal and governors liaise regarding any issues when appropriate.

Advancing Equality of Opportunity

As set out in the DfE guidance on the Equality Act, the school aims to advance equality of opportunity by:

  • Removing or minimising disadvantages suffered by people which are connected to a particular characteristic they have (e.g. pupils with disabilities, or gay pupils who are being subjected to homophobic bullying);

  • Taking steps to meet the particular needs of people who have a particular characteristic (e.g. enabling Muslim pupils to pray at prescribed times);

  • Encouraging people who have a particular characteristic to participate fully in any activities (e.g. encouraging all pupils to be involved in the full range of school societies).


In fulfilling this aspect of the duty, the school will:

  • Gather attainment data each academic year showing how pupils with different characteristics are performing;

  • Analyse the above data to determine strengths and areas for improvement, implement actions in response and publish this information;

  • Make evidence available identifying improvements for specific groups (e.g. declines in incidents of homophobic or transphobic bullying);

  • Publish further data about any issues associated with particular protected characteristics, identifying any issues which could affect our own pupils.

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