Yr2 and Yr6 SAT's Information




Below is a list of the dates and durations of the KS2 SATs tests in May 2018. The SATs tests will be completed in school on the mornings specified below. The exact times of these tests will be sent out to parents after the Easter

holidays. There will also be a SATs meeting in school to discuss what to expect on SATs week.




Monday 14 May

English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2

45 minutes (paper 1)


20 minutes (paper 2)

Tuesday 15 May

English reading


1 hour

Wednesday 16 May

Mathematics papers 1 and 2 (Arithmetic and reasoning)

30 minutes (Arithmetic)


40 Minutes (Reasoning paper 2)

Thursday 17 May

Mathematics paper 3 (reasoning)

40 minutes (Reasoning paper 3)

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