At St James’ Primary School we plan a curriculum that holistically develops all children and ignites their passion for learning. We aim to provide an outstanding education for every girl and boy so that all St James pupils’ will flourish in childhood, adolescence and adulthood - equipped with the knowledge and skills, personal resilience and creativity, and emotional intelligence and social skills that will give them every opportunity to experience lifelong success and happiness in the 21st Century.

The curriculum design has been carefully planned so that all National Curriculum objectives are covered in a creative and engaging manner. Our curriculum is designed to provide children with a wealth of opportunities and experiences that they would not otherwise experience. To supplement our curriculum, the children will encounter a wealth of opportunities to develop the whole child.

Throughout the school year, we host a variety of additional learning opportunities such as Super Learning Weeks. Our seasonal celebrations enhance the curriculum for children of all faiths from Nursery to Year Six.

The teaching of thinking and problem-solving skills is a key factor in the development of children’s autonomy, self-confidence and ‘learning to learn’ skills. Our children are encouraged to demonstrate these skills across the whole curriculum.

Please click here to read our full curriculum design. 

If you require any additional information on the curriculum please contact our curriculum coordinator Mrs V Patel (Vice Principal).