Keeping Children Safe at St James

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"In Bolton all agencies work together with families to promote the well being of children and keep them safe."

Bolton Framework for Action p5

We are also part of Operation Encompass with Bolton council which allows us to provide quick and personalised support for children.


At St James we strive to provide as much help as we can, as early as possible to remove any barriers that prevent us from achieveing our aim.

All polices, including policies for keeping children safe can be found by clicking below.

By following the Bolton Safeguarding Board (BCSB) guidance Bolton's Framework for Action

and in accordance with the DfE document Keeping Children Safe in Education 


At St James we strive to promote early timely and appropriate access to services to enable our children to grow and enable our children to grow and develop and to keep them safe.

The Universal Help Services we provide are outlined in the picture below. Click the picture below to download a Pdf copy.


Additionally our curriculum pages and social media all exhibit all the outstanding work that ensures our children achieve and succeed.

As a school we adopt the Bolton Safeguarding Team's Safeguarding Policy. Please click the image below to view our safeguarding policy or alternatively find a parent's summary on our 'School Policies' page. 


We also have an anti-bullying policy to help protect our children (click here). As a school with strive to deal with any issues of bullying swiftly and effectively through the procedures that we put in place. Please read the policy carefully to understand the exact definition of bullying. The DfE describe bullying as  “behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally”. If your child comes home and says that they have been upset by another pupil at school, this does not always mean they are being bullied. We do ask that you pass on your concern to a member of staff who will gladly offer support and assistance. 


Please also see below for anti-bullying information from Bolton Council. 

You may also find the following school policies helpful when thinking about safeguarding children at St James:

Behaviour Policy


Online Safety

Mobile Phone and Device Policy